How To Backup Yahoo Mail

backup yahoo mailHere’s quick and easy instructions to backup your Yahoo mail and Yahoo contacts.

Even though Yahoo Mail is already in the Cloud, you should have a backup copy in case of downtime, corruption, or your account being hijacked. All those contacts you have accumulated in Yahoo Mail? Don’t lose them if something goes wrong. With a full backup of Yahoo mail you can easily move from Yahoo Mail to Outlook or another email provider and quickly import all your mail and contacts.


How to Export your Yahoo Contacts

  • Login to your Yahoo mail and click on the Contacts menu option
  • From the Top menu select Tools, Export

backup yahoo contacts

  • You will have the option to export to Outlook, Thunderbird, CSV, and vCard. If you have a local email client on your computer then select the format that will be compatible. CSV is the most common.

Backup Yahoo contacts


  • Type the security code and click the Export button A download should start. In the new Save windows click Save File, then OK and put the backup file in a folder that will be included in your backup plan.

Backup Yahoo contacts


How to Backup your Yahoo Mail

Yahoo doesn’t have an export function for email, so the easiest way to keep a backup copy is to have a local email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook installed on your computer and pull mail to there.

Note!: Remember to use the option to “save a copy on the Server” on your Thunderbird or Outlook, otherwise it will pull all your email from Yahoo and and it will be gone from your Yahoo Mail.

backup yahoo emails and contacts

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  1. Ivan says:

    What type of file or files do TBird and Outlook create on your hard drive?
    Are the backup files one single readable file for each email, or are many crammed into in one file?
    How ‘readable’ by other apps are the backup files?
    Does the letter’s formatting stay intact?
    What is the most versatile and universal BU format for emails themselves, and how to do that?
    I’ve heard that $20 Yahoo Mail Plus still will not allow downloading all of your folders, only the Inbox, is that so or does Thunderbird do all folders of a free account?

    • technicalguy says:

      Answer: Yes!

      Okay, that’s a lot of questions and I don’t have all the answers for you but let me say this: As far as the backup is concerned an email file is no different from any other file. Outlook pst files or Thunderbird storage files are compressed, encrypted and sent to our server. They are completely unreadable by any other program. When you restore them they come back in exactly the same format and look and feel. Any email that is retrieved to your computer via Outlook or Thunderbird will be fully backed up.

  2. james caplan says:

    I would like to have a lot email on yahoo backed up
    (and left intact on yahoo) on cds or memory sticks.
    This would be a one time deal …
    could you help me?

    • technicalguy says:

      J.C. the instruction on this page will definitely let you do what you want to do, without deleting any of the original Yahoo mail.
      Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

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