Easy Cloud Backups


It doesn’t get much easier than this!

Our Home Office backup needs no hardware, no cables, no extra space! Install one piece of software and protect your critical files every day with automated backups that run silently in the background.
Prices start at $8.95 per month

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home office cloud backup



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How Easy?

Backing up everything in your Documents folder, your Desktop, and all your Emails, is as easy as clicking the box and CloudPockets will find them and include them in your backup automatically.
You don’t need to be a tech.

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Every backup is automatically encrypted with the same high level of encryption used by banks, governments and other security conscious organizations – before your data even leaves your computer! We can’t even see them, nobody can access to your important files except you.

Cloud Backup

Works Within YOUR Schedule

You’re not forced to backup at a particular time. Pick the days and the time that works best for YOU. Even scheduling backups during the day (say lunchtime) won’t impact what you’re working on at the time. It all happens automatically, in the background, and sends an email to you when it’s done.
Did we mention it was easy?


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home office cloud backup