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Download our Advanced Backup client and install it on your computer (PC or Mac)
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Point and click to pick the files you want to backup and schedule the time you want to backup each day The rest is completely automated Рyour files will be backed up securely in the cloud according to your schedule


canada cloud backup

Why You Should Keep Your Backup In Canada

Canadian business files stored in the US (where most online backups are based) are subject to the Patriot Act and other American security and privacy laws. According to the January 2012 Cloud Computing Report by the Law Society of British Columbia there are over 10,000 US-based government agencies that could get access to your data without a warrant. We are a BC based cloud backup provider and your data will never leave Canada.



Our online backup client works with both PC & Mac to simplify and automate the backup process
Backup all your computers (no limit) under one backup plan with a guaranteed disk space allocation
Backup includes server backup agents for Exchange, SQL, Lotus Notes, and more. Backup to both the cloud and a local disk for easy restores when you need them
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